About Brenda Sam

Brenda Sam is a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) and Parent Coach (PC). She received her training in coaching from Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in San Francisco, California and parent coaching from Adler School of Professional Coaching in Toronto, Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is coaching?

Coaching is defined by International Coaching Federation (ICF) as “an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives”. Through coaching, you will deepen your understandings about your own selves and form objective plans to create the life that you want.

How is coaching different from counseling or therapy?

Coaching is different from counseling or therapy as it is highly future oriented. It works by motivating you towards moving forward, by focusing on finding out your self-limiting factors and by empowering you to breakthrough those factors to achieve the desired results.

Therapies focus on the psychodynamics underlying client’s current concerns. For instance, it focuses on the major issues of the past (e.g. the issues of pathology, healing and unresolved traumatic experiences in the childhood or earlier adulthood) and investigates how those issues affect the client’s current state.
Counseling is not exclusively coaching as it attempts to resolve client’s current issues or concerns through providing guidance to the clients based on their own experiences in the past.

Coaching aims to resolve your problems by guiding you in search of a solution within yourself. It does not provide advice or solution. It helps you by instilling curiosity about yourself, to rediscover your strengths and skills while devising a plan to achieve results.

Why should I hire a life coach? Is life coaching for me?

Are there moments when you feel that you are tired of your current state and your instincts are yelling to you for change, but you don’t know how? If you are one of those people who like changes and are ready to take action and accountability for change, life coaching is for you.

Hiring a life coach helps you in gaining a clear vision about your current state, your priorities and goals. Life coaching will help you in identifying your personal priorities and values, as well as the boundaries that you perceived to be limiting. I will work alongside you to cross those hurdles, to motivate and empower as you create the life that you want.

How does coaching work?

Our coaching session will be conducted in a 3 step process.

Step 1: Initial assessment:

Understand where you are right now. What is your current state? What do you want in your life? What are your true desires or passion?

Step 2: Ongoing sessions
  • Identify focus: what issues or concerns do you want to focus on as priority?

  • Identify boundaries / challenge: what are the perceived limiting factors that impede you from achieving your goals?

  • Overcome challenge: what should you do to overcome your fears and challenges? What action plans can we take to overcome the hurdles?

  • Maintain action plan: How to keep the momentum to keep pushing your life forward?

Step 3:

Take accountability and start enjoying your life.

How long is each session and how often should I talk to the coach?

A typical session may last 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour depending on your selected package. Sessions will be conducted once every week for the duration of 3 months.

How much do the sessions cost and how should I pay?

Fees vary depending on your selected package as well as the duration of our session. It will be worked out at our initial assessment session when I have a better idea about your current situation and goals. Payment can be made in cheque, cash or PayPal. For further details, please contact Brenda at sam.brendaj@gmail.com

I’m interested and would like to get more information. How should I contact you?

You may reach me by Contact page. Please fill in your detailed contact information and a good time to reach you.